How to create a basic email address? (basic mail)

How to create a basic email address? (basic mail)

To create an email address you will need:

  • a domain name

  • a hosting account or email account.

If you have a Basic email service, you can create your email account like so:

  1. Log in your hosting control panel (

  2. At the top follow 'My Products' > 'Email Hosting'.

    My Products

  3. Click on 'Management' for the domain name you would like to setup the email account for.

    Email Hosting

  4. Navigate to the vertical menu to your left and click on 'Mailboxes'.

    Email details

  5. At the bottom name your mailbox and click on '+ Add mailbox' to your right.


  6. An editor box will open. Choose your password, enter it and repeat it.

    Add mailbox form

  7. Choose the size from the dropdown menu.

    Add mailbox form

  8. Click on '> Create Mailbox'.

  9. For your convenience, a window will open with all your email account’s information (you can use it to set up a email client).