How to configure my Basic mailbox in Mac Mail manually? (basic mail)

How to configure my Basic mailbox in Mac Mail manually? (basic mail)

Sometimes the mail client will accept your settings and declare the setup done, even though there is something missing. Then you will experience a strange behavior of your mailbox – it will receive but not send messages or vice versa.

  1. Configure

    1. Open the email client (Mac Mail /


      1. At the top follow 'Mail' > 'Preferences'.


      2. Switch to the 'Account' tab.



      3. Click on the plus sign in the bottom left corner of the window.


      4. Select Other Mail Account and click on Continue.

        Other Mail Account

        1. Enter your full name.

        2. Write down your full email address like so:

        3. Enter your password

        4. Click on 'Sign In';

          Sign In



      5. For your incoming email server:

        1. Choose 'IMAP' or 'POP' connection.

        2. Copy the incoming server from your control panel:

          1. POP3:


            (port:110; SSL port: 995)

          2. IMAP:


            (port: 143; SSL port: 993)

        3. For user name write down your full email address.

        4. Type your password.

      6. For your outgoing email server:

        1. Copy from the control panel:

          1. SMTP:


            (port: 2525; SSL port: 465)

      7. Click on 'Sign In'.

      8. Select the apps you want to use with this account:


      9. Back in Accounts, you need to double-check your SSL security and ports for your outgoing and incoming servers.

        1. Outgoing:

        2. Incoming: Afterwards, switch to the Advanced tab in your settings, make sure you are option for using SSL, and your port is correct.