How can I update the name servers of a domain?

How can I update the name servers of a domain?

**Note that editing name servers affects web and mail traffic to the domain name. Please make sure you know what you are doing – read this guide first.

You need to direct your name servers to point a domain name to a hosting package. If what you want to do instead, is to just forward a domain name to an existing website, check out this article on web forwarding.**

With us you can change your name servers and point your domain name away the following way:

  1. Log in your hosting control panel (

  2. Navigate to the horizontal menu at the top. Click on 'My products'.

    My products

  3. From the menu search for and click on 'My Domain Names'.

  4. Find the domain name you want to work with and click on 'Manage'.

    My Domain Names

  5. Here you will see an overview of your Expiration date, the contacts associated with your domain name and the name servers. To change them navigate to the vertical menu to your left and click on 'Name Servers'.

    Domain details

  6. To put on custom name servers, tick the 'Other Name Servers' radio button.

  7. Fill in your hosting provider’s name servers and their IP addresses and 'Save'.

    Name Servers

  8. Allow some time for propagation.

  9. Tip: You can check your name servers here: